Marcus Movie Theatre
Clear sky over the Marcus Cinema

Challenge: During the summer of 2011, nesting gulls on the Marcus Cinema's rooftop were becoming a problem in need of a solution.

A small decoy the theatre had placed on the rooftop cleary wasn't working. In fact, the facility's HVAC service vendor had informed management they could not perform regularly scheduled maintenance due to the number of gulls on the rooftop.

Mother gulls, extremely protective of their nests, had become a nuisance and posed a threat of attack to the service personnel, and the cinema's rooftop satellite dishes were fast becoming covered in gull guano.

The cinema wanted to ensure that the gulls would not become a nuisance to arriving and departing patrons.

Noticing the gull swarms around the Cinema's environs, Jeff Schukow of Great Lakes Avian Pest Control contacted General Manager Tim Burns and offered a consultation. After assessing the site, Jeff recommended the Great Lakes Falcon Patrol system, and his team subsequently installed it on the Cinema roof.

"Working with Great Lakes was a terrfic experience," remarked Mr. Burns. "Jeff educated us about the negative impacts the gulls can have on human health, as well as the potential for financial loss from damage to the building's rooftop. The system is definitely an easy's amazing how well it works. They took care of the installation and monitor the system's performance on a regular basis. The problem has been solved, there's no more worry. I'd recommend Great Lakes Avian Pest Control to anyone tasked with protecting their property from the damage nesting gulls can create."