Automated Migratory Bird Abatement Unit

  • Our Falcon Patrol unit is the best solution on the market to permanantly move congregations of migratory birds that have become a nuisance and threat to human health.
  • Falcon Patrol mimics the predatory behavior of the Peregrine Falcon, Peregrines prey on other birds.
  • Seagulls and other pest bird populations will not colonise an area with the presence of a Peregrine Falcon.
  • Our patented system guarantees a permanent solution and is 100% American made.
  • We use a non-lethal robotic predator to move large bird populations and keep them away.

Please watch this short video to see how effective Falcon Patrol really is.


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Tim Burns, Marcus Cinema
"Working with Great Lakes was a terrfic experience, The system is definitely an easy's amazing how well it works."
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